Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is a prerequisite for profitability, growth and development. When customers are involved in a project and cooperation proceeds smoothly, it is easier to deliver high quality quickly and meet customer expectations. This helps keep project costs on budget, which in turn increases the likelihood of timely payment and thereby boosts financial sustainability throughout Veidekke’s supply chain.

All of Veidekke’s customer relations work is based on the group’s fundamental values – professional, honest, enthusiastic and ground-breaking. Product customer dialogue is emphasised at all stages:

  • Veidekke seeks customer dialogue early on to ensure that it can deliver the expected quality. Early involvement helps ensure that customers and contractors agree on the interpretation of the project and that the order defines the expected quality of the end product.
  • Veidekke sells a combination of product and execution, where quality refers not only to the physical product, but also to the process, dialogue and delivery at the agreed time. Customer satisfaction surveys and dialogue help Veidekke to deliver service and products which meet customer expectations and improve ongoing cooperation.
  • Well-executed processes build a basis for further sales. Ensuring that customer needs are understood and facilitating productive ongoing communication are therefore crucial aspects of project execution.
    Finansparken in Stavanger

    Finansparken in Stavanger

Customer satisfaction

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