More efficient processes are key to improving productivity in a project organisation like Veidekke. Planning, risk management and customer dialogue are crucial factors in this regard.

Planning and project management lay the foundation for profitable operation.

  • At the company level, planning is about optimal management of the project portfolio, having the right expertise to manage projects and ensuring continued skills development. Having Veidekke staff engaged in all functions gives customers confidence and predictability, and ensures that knowledge is transferred to and refined in new projects.
  • At the project-level, planning is about ensuring that all activities can be executed without hindrance, in the right order and on time. Veidekke uses lean construction to prepare plans specifying relevant time horizons for all project contributors.

Implementing a common approach to risk management at different levels improves productivity and profitability over time:

  • At the overarching level, the group’s overall risk exposure is kept in line with adopted limits.
  • At the portfolio level, all projects are assessed by reference to available expertise, previous performance and portfolio composition.
  • At the individual project level, management capacity and expertise are crucial for controlling risk and maximising opportunities. Project risk assessments round out calculations and improve project execution.

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Customer dialogue identifies solutions which save costs, produce better products and ensure an improved customer experience. Veidekke’s cooperative focus is a key aspect of its corporate culture, and entails reduced participation in competitive tenders where price is the only decision criterion.

Productive cooperation demands selection of the right customers and the right projects. Right customers are ones which have necessary knowledge, initiate dialogue with the contractor early on and facilitate productive dialogue based on mutual trust. A project is right when the contracts are balanced and Veidekke has the expertise – at the right level – to execute the task.


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