Compliance refers to factors which could affect stakeholders’ trust in Veidekke, and includes observance of standards, rules, ethical guidelines, anti-corruption laws and industry standards, as well as customer expectations. Veidekke also participates in industry cooperation in these areas.

Breaching compliance standards and rules could have severe consequences for the group’s finances and reputation. It is therefore vital that observance of applicable laws and regulations, as well as the group’s own values, procedures and policies, is integrated into all assessments and procedures used by Veidekke. This is monitored by the group’s compliance function. Relevant measures include pre-qualification of suppliers, agreements with external parties and staff training. The compliance function assists the group with the introduction of systems and activities that reduce the risk of non-compliance with laws and regulations. Veidekke uses ISO audits – including internal audits and compliance checks – and a comprehensive non-conformance response system to evaluate the effectiveness of and continuously improve internal control systems.

The compliance function prepares risk-based annual compliance plans and undertakes annual assessments of the company’s compliance risk, as well as ongoing monitoring, identification and internal communication of relevant statutory and regulatory changes. The compliance function also operates a whistleblowing mechanism designed to register and follow up on non-conformances related to regulations and other requirements. In accordance with the requirements of the Working Environment Act, procedures have been introduced for the submissions of reports and how these are processed. The whistleblowing mechanism may be used by Veidekke staff, employees of sub-contractors and members of the public.

The group’s operational systems reflect Veidekke’s culture and values – particularly involvement and a human focus. The group has adopted lean construction as its work methodology, and requires its values – to be professional, honest, enthusiastic and ground-breaking – to be evident in its work.

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