Construction and civil engineering projects demand expertise on many levels. Veidekke recruits both recent graduates and more experienced specialists in a broad range of engineering and technical fields, and also hires students for summer jobs. Veidekke runs a trainee scheme in Norway and Sweden, and regularly gathers young managers from across the group for joint management training sessions. In the recruitment context, Veidekke attends career days at key educational institutions in the Scandinavian countries. Many young people are also introduced to Veidekke through school visits or a work placement in one of the group’s projects.

To facilitate a good flow of expertise and experience between development and execution functions, Veidekke’s strategy is to staff key specialisms with permanently employed skilled manual workers, who make up more than half of the group’s employees. The group also offers a variety of apprenticeships, and had 347 apprentices in Norway, Sweden and Denmark at year-end 2019.

The most important areas of expertise for the group are project management, various skilled manual trades and specialised support functions. Responsibility for having necessary expertise available and putting together effective teams lies with the individual operations.

Expertise at Veidekke
Expertise at Veidekke

Skills development primarily occurs on the job, through the performance of daily responsibilities and tasks. This is supplemented by courses and networking groups.

The construction and civil engineering industry has traditionally been male-dominated. Veidekke believes that greater diversity results in better solutions, and has adopted the target that women should comprise 50% of students in summer jobs and 40% of trainees by the end of 2020. In 2019, the relevant figures were 39% and 34%.

Veidekke’s corporate culture is characterised by a positive perspective on human resources and the belief that staff welcome responsibility and want to perform and deliver.

Based on the belief that ownership fosters commitment and performance, Veidekke enables employees to buy shares in the company at a discount. Some 47.3% of the group’s employees own shares in Veidekke.


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