Health and safety

Those who work for Veidekke should be kept safe, and the group has therefore adopted zero serious injuries target. Veidekke gives equal emphasis to HSE targets and financial targets, and all projects report their HSE performance on an ongoing basis. The group’s HSE work incorporates the principles defined in Veidekke’s HSE policy and safety plans based on the HSE strategy. Veidekke’s safety work reflects its organisational structure and workforce:

  • All projects must facilitate the safe and efficient performance of work, using the right equipment and at the right time. All projects have an assigned HSE manager whose task it is to ensure that these framework conditions are met.
  • The workforce must be provided with and develop requisite knowledge, positive attitudes and care for one another to facilitate workplace safety. These priorities have shaped the agenda of the group’s annual HSE week, which has focused on safe behaviour in recent years.


Since 2019, Veidekke has been focused on:

  • improving processes and tools to prevent recurrence of accidents
  • establishing a common approach to safe behaviour and developing a culture which enables individuals to make safe decisions
  • eliminating risks before work starts, through improved processes, new tools and clearer requirements.
    Health and Safety

    Health and Safety

Sub-contractors undertake to act in accordance with the principles, plans and requirements applicable to Veidekke’s own employees. These requirements are incorporated into Veidekke’s contracts with suppliers, and all persons working on the group’s projects are provided with information and training on Veidekke’s requirements and expectations before they start work.

As part of its proactive efforts to promote good health, Veidekke gives particular emphasis to the prevention of muscular and wear-and-tear injuries, to which workers in the construction and civil engineering sector are particularly prone. Veidekke’s sick leave rate is below the national and industry averages.


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Health and safety



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