Veidekke ASA is a public limited liability company headquartered in Oslo. Veidekke’s shares are listed on Oslo Stock Exchange and are freely transferable. The group is engaged in construction operations in Norway, Sweden and Denmark through the companies Veidekke Construction and Veidekke Infrastructure (in Norway), Veidekke Sweden and Hoffmann (Denmark). Veidekke sold its Norwegian and Swedish property development operation in 2020. Veidekke’s articles of association can be found here.

The group has adopted concrete targets based on its objectives for the period to 2022 – prioritising profitability and attractive dividends over growth. The operations have set strategic goals aimed at ensuring strong profitability and value creation in all parts of the business.

Veidekke seeks to promote sustainable social development through responsible business conduct and systematic improvements. More information on the group’s sustainability work can be found here and in the sustainability report.