The Nomination Committee

Use of a nomination committee is stipulated in the company's Articles of Association. The Nomination Committee submits recommendations to the Annual General Meeting on the election of members for the Board of Directors and for the Nomination Committee.

Candidates who are nominated for the Board should be shareholders or representatives of shareholders. The Nomination Committee shall have at least three members. The majority of the Nomination Committee must be independent of the Board of Directors and the company's management.

The company's chief executive officer or other senior executives may not be members of the Nomination Committee. The Annual General Meeting elects the Nomination Committee's chair and other members.

Since it is the responsibility of the Nomination Committee to propose candidates for the Board of Directors, there is no deadline for the submission of such proposals to the Nomination Committee. Shareholders can submit Board candidate proposals to the Nomination Committee from our Corporate Governance page.


Members of the Nomination Committee:

Harald Norvik (chair)
Erik Must
Anne Elisabeth Thurmann-Nielsen
Joakim Gjersøe