Reporting of blameworthy matters

If you believe you have knowledge of matters that should be reported as a result of a breach of Veidekke's ethical guidelines or breach of competition regulations, you will find more information here.

Uncover and rectify blameworthy matters

RESPONSIBILITY: All employees who become aware of blameworthy matters

CONTENTS: Blameworthy matters that must be reported

By blameworthy matters in this routine it is meant breaches of Norwegian statutes and regulations or Veidekke's rules and routines. Examples of blameworthy matters may be hazard to life and health, financial infidelity and corruption.

Blameworthy matters should generally be uncovered and addressed through our day-to-day work and through the use of other routines. However, if this fails, serious matters must be reported in accordance with this routine.

Who to notify

Based on the nature of the matter, the individual must decide on who to notify. This may be the line manager, the human resources department, safety representative, employee representative, occupational health service, senior management, the board of directors or external reporting body.

The external notification body for Veidekke is:

Lawyer Ellen Holager Andenæs and lawyer Vegard Aaløkken

Law firm Andenæs Aaløkken Veum DA

Rosenkrantz gate 4, 0159 Oslo

Telephone +47 23 10 01 90   Telefax +47 23 10 01 99

Reporting to the external notification body may be done by e-mail to:

Or by contacting:

  • Lawyer Ellen Holager Andenæs, mobile +47 908 71 809,
  • Lawyer Vegard Aaløkken, mobile +47 916 94 066,  or alternatively to
  • General manager Anna Nielsen, mobile +47 970 96 466

Handling notifications

The person receiving a notification must keep the reporter's identity confidential. It may however be necessary to disclose the reporter's identity at a later stage. In this case it must be clarified with the reporter.

The person receiving a notification must inform the management level the person deems appropriate. The further handling of the notification is determined by the appropriate manager, if necessary after discussion with others the manager finds it appropriate to consult.

The reporter must be informed of the handling of the matter and of its outcome.

The person or persons being reported must as far as possible be notified that a report has been submitted and be given the opportunity to provide an explanation.

REFERENCES The Working Environment Act,
Sections 2-4, 2-5 and 3-6

The Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise's guideline “Når sant skal sies” [Truth be told]