Veidekke ASA: Modernising student homes in Oslo

Veidekke ASA: Modernising student homes in Oslo

20.11.2020 - 09:30

Veidekke’s subsidiary Seby AS shall rehabilitate and remodel 176 apartments in Sogn Studentby for the student welfare organisation SiO. The contract is a design and build contract with interaction and the preliminary contract total is estimated at NOK 130 million excluding VAT.

The contract involves internal remodelling of existing apartments in two student home buildings. This primarily involves remodelling from shared apartments where four to five people have shared a kitchen and bathroom, to one-bedroom apartments with their own bathrooms and kitchens. Furthermore, balanced ventilation is to be established and all technical infrastructure in the two buildings is to be replaced. There will also be some changes in the load bearing structures with openings in load bearing walls and necessary technical fire measures.

“We appreciate the contract and are looking forward to taking on yet another interaction project in partnership with SiO. The sustainable solutions employed at all stages of the building project are in line with Seby and Veidekke’s environmental ambitions,” says Bjørn Ove Liavaag, CEO of Seby AS.

The project will be carried out as a fossil-free construction site. Building is scheduled to start in July 2021 with completion in May 2022.

For more information please contact:
General manager Bjørn Ove Liavaag of Seby, tel. +47 90 69 35 77,
Communications Manager Helge Dieset, Veidekke, tel. +47 90 55 33 22,

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