Veidekke ASA: Signs new major contract with Bane NOR

Veidekke ASA: Signs new major contract with Bane NOR

06.11.2019 - 17:07

Today Veidekke signed yet another major contract with Bane NOR for the double track project Drammen-Kobbervikdalen on the Vestfoldbanen railway line. This time the contract involves building a culvert and a loose material tunnel, which is a design and build contract valued at NOK 1.83 billion excluding VAT.

“We are both proud and pleased to have won this contract as well. Together with Bane NOR we have made a considerable effort to achieve good solutions for this challenging project. With good partners and our own expertise, we’re looking forward to starting this work,” says EVP Øivind Larsen of Veidekke Anlegg.

Veidekke’s contract involves building a 540 metres long concrete culvert built with an open construction pit, and a subsequent 290 metres long loose material tunnel into Strømsåsen south of Drammen station. This section of the Vestfoldbanen line is a part of Bane NOR’s Inter-City project that will provide a double track all the way from Oslo to Tønsberg when completed in 2024, according to schedule.

Constructing tunnels in loose material is not widespread in Norway, but is a common construction method in large parts of Europe. Veidekke has therefore engaged experienced partners such as Östu-Stettin (Austria) and Trevi (Italy), in addition to consultants from the Norwegian Geotechnical Institute, Dr techn Olav Olsen and ILF Consulting Engineers (Austria).

In early October Bane NOR entered into a contract with Veidekke valued at NOK 1.96 billion to build six kilometres of rock tunnel through Strømsåsen and an open air section of 300 metres. The new contract for the culvert and loose material tunnel will be linked with this rock tunnel.

Detailed engineering and preparatory work starts immediately, while heavy construction work will commence in April. The section is scheduled to open for traffic in 2024. More information on the project may be found here:

For more information, contact:
Executive Vice President Øivind Larsen , tel. +47 90 58 23 51,
Communications Manager Helge Dieset, tel. +47 90 55 33 22,

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