Veidekke ASA: To build more wind power in Finnmark

Veidekke ASA: To build more wind power in Finnmark

12.06.2019 - 07:15

Varanger KraftVind AS has awarded Veidekke the contract to carry out construction work in connection with expansion of the wind power plant at Raggovidda in Berlevåg municipality in Finnmark. The contract is a design and build contract valued at approx. NOK 100 million excluding VAT.

“Five years ago Veidekke built the first stage of this wind power plant, and we are very pleased that Varanger KraftVind has also selected us for the second stage. We also appreciate confirmation that we are competitive and have the confidence of customers in this important segment for us,” says Executive Vice President Øivind Larsen of Veidekke Anlegg.

“It is also pleasing that Veidekke once more may contribute to the green shift by building facilities for the production of large volumes of renewable energy. This is the sixth wind power project for Veidekke in this country in recent years,” Larsen concludes.

The 12 new turbines in the wind farm will have combined installed power of 51,6 MW and an annual production corresponding to the consumption of more than 10,000 households. The infrastructure Veidekke will build comprises the following key components:

  • 12 turbine foundations with associated sites for assembly cranes
  • 10 kilometres of road
  • Erection of a storage building and a scooter garage
  • Cable trenches and laying of the farm’s internal high-voltage grid

Design and engineering will start immediately, while construction work will take place in the summer of 2020.

For more information, contact:
Executive Vice President Øivind Larsen , tel. +47 90 58 23 51,
Communications Manager Helge Dieset, tel. +47 90 55 33 22,

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