Veidekke ASA: To build new primary school in Uppsala

Veidekke ASA: To build new primary school in Uppsala

04.06.2019 - 10:00

Veidekke has been contracted to build a new primary school for Uppsala municipality Skolfastigheter AB. The new Brantingskolan will be a modern primary school that can accommodate 720 pupils in grades 4 to 9. The project is an execution contract valued at SEK 261 million, and the start of construction is planned for summer 2019, with completion in 2021.

With the contract signed, the project is expected to commence shortly. The next step is the piling for the new buildings. Approx. 700 piles will be driven into the ground to ensure that the school has a safe foundation. Piling will hopefully start this summer.

"We are extremely pleased to continue to contribute to Uppsala’s development through the construction of the new Brantingsskolan, and we look forward to working with Skolfastigheter through involving collaboration," says department manager Anthony Norén at Veidekke Building Construction in Uppsala.

Central Uppsala has a shortage of primary school capacity, and Brantingsskolan is therefore a welcome addition. From the outside, the new building will be reminiscent of the previous school and will harmonise well with its surroundings. The school yard will also be transformed into a pleasant environment, for the benefit of students during school hours and neighbours on evenings and weekends. The auditorium will be preserved, but the remainder of the current building will be replaced by new and modern teaching premises. The location within the schoolyard as well as the height and length of the building will be as today, but the "wings" will be somewhat wider than before.

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