Veidekke to build 122 unique cooperative apartments for HSB Göteborg

Veidekke to build 122 unique cooperative apartments for HSB Göteborg

07.02.2019 - 09:30

HSB has awarded Veidekke Bygg the contract to build brf Blanka at Lindholmshamnen in Gothenburg, Sweden. The project is a design and build contract valued at approx. SEK 320 million. Brf Blanka is to be built in accordance with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, with environmentally friendly materials, green roofs and solar panels.

The contract is for the construction of six house frames of three to seven storeys, comprising 122 apartments, basement, garage and five commercial facilities at ground level. The building has exciting architecture, with roofs decked in soft sedum, starkly contrasting the facades of shingelled tile-panels. Construction has already started, with estimated completion of the building project in the spring of 2021.

”We were extremely pleased to hear that HSB has chosen Veidekke to build brf Blanka. We especially appreciate that HSB esteems our working method of involved collaboration, which helps secure a safe workplace and timely, high quality deliveries, ensuring customer satisfaction and higher profitability,” said Mattias Bylerius, construction manager at Veidekke Bygg Väst.

“We are very pleased to start work on building brf Blanka. With its attractive location close to the water in the city centre, it is a long-awaited project among HSB’s home saving members,” says Rickard Fränberg, project manager for new production at HSB Göteborg.

Lindholmshamnen is located a stone’s throw away from downtown Gothenburg, with easy access to Ramberget and Keillers park, with one of Gothenburg’s finest views. The building will therefore include a bicycle lounge for the exclusive use of brf Blanka residents. The workshop and lounge, including soft sofas and a pantry, will form a natural oasis in the building.

”In the brf Blanka project, we will be specifically targeting involvement. When we work together and think together, we have more fun and take more responsibility – and the work is done to a higher standard of security, efficiencly and profitability. This project will be performed using VDC, Virtual Design Construction, a method to execute design, building and operations processes more efficiently. The VCD work will be carried into production, e.g. in the handling of digital drawings. VDC is a part of Veidekke’s working method of enhanced involvement to achieve a more efficient work flow.

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