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Veidekke ASA: Biggest ever residential contract

Veidekke has today signed a contract with M17 Utvikling AS (50/50 OBOS and Veidekke Eiendom) to build the Middelthunet housing project with 329 apartments at Majorstua in Oslo. The contract is worth around a billion kroner excluding VAT. Over the course of five months, homes to the value of NOK 1.6 billion were sold in the project.
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Published 19. September 2019

Veidekke ASA: Veidekke and Kjeldsberg to sell new office building in Trondheim

Veidekke Eiendom AS and R. Kjeldsberg AS have concluded an agreement with Campus Sluppen AS to sell the Lysgården office building at Sluppen in Trondheim. The sales price is NOK 440 million. The result for Veidekke is NOK 40 million.
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Published 13. September 2019

Veidekke ASA: To renovate Himmerfjärdsverket treatment plant for Syvab

Veidekke has signed an agreement with Syvab for comprehensive renovation and extensions to the Himmerfjärdsverket wastewater treatment plant in Grödinge, Sweden. The project has a potential order value of at least SEK 700 million, and work is planned to continue until 2025.
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Published 09. September 2019

New management appointments at Veidekke Sweden

Mats Nyström has been appointed EVP and new CEO of Veidekke Sweden after Jimmy Bengtsson, who took over as Group CEO of Veidekke ASA on 1 September. Charlotta Nilsén will assume responsibility for the Residential Buildings business area, which was up until now headed by Mats Nyström.
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Published 05. September 2019

Veidekke ASA: To build new regional offices in Bergen

Veidekke will start the construction of an environmentally certified office building with a 6,500 m2 floor area at a central location in Bergen. 55% of the building, which will be named Fantoftparken, is already leased, and will bring together Veidekke’s operations in the region. The construction contract is valued at NOK 158 million excluding VAT.
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Published 29. August 2019

Veidekke ASA: To build for Frydenbø in Bergen

Veidekke will erect the commercial building “Kilen” at Damsgård in Bergen for Frydenbø Eiendom. The environmentally certified project comprises a total of 10,000 m2 new buildings with offices and parking, in addition to outdoor work and technical infrastructure. The design and build contract has an overall value of NOK 135 million, excluding VAT.
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Published 28. August 2019

Veidekke ASA: Q2 2019 results

Veidekke generated revenues of NOK 10.1 billion in the second quarter of 2019, achieving a pre-tax profit of NOK 451 million. Veidekke’s construction operations received NOK 8.7 billion in new orders during the quarter, bringing the order book to NOK 35.3 billion as at 30 June.
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Published 15. August 2019

Veidekke ASA: To clear Langøyene in Oslo

Veidekke has today signed a contract with the City of Oslo to clear and secure the former landfill at Langøyene, transforming it to enable bathing and recreation at the site located in the inner Oslo Fjord. The assignment on behalf of the City of Oslo Agency for Real Estate and Urban Renewal is worth approximately NOK 200 million excluding VAT.
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Published 07. August 2019

Veidekke ASA: To build office block in Arendal

Veidekke has been commissioned by Fløybyen AS (wholly owned by Arendal municipality) to construct the first new building in Arendal’s new Fløybyen neighbourhood. This will be an environmentally certified office building and the County Governor of Agder will be its principal tenant. This is a design and build construction contract valued at NOK 158 million, excluding VAT.
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Published 09. July 2019

Veidekke ASA: To build homes for SKB in Stockholm

Veidekke has been contracted by SKB, Stockholms Kooperative Bostadsförening, to build 128 new cooperative rental apartments in Hagastaden, Stockholm. The Kvarteret Lysosomen project is a design and build contract worth SEK 295 million. Construction starts in Q3 2019, and the project is currently expected to be ready for occupancy in the autumn of 2022.
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Published 05. July 2019