Reporting censurable activities (whistleblowing)

This page provides detailed information on Veidekke’s procedure for reporting irregular activities.

Detecting and correcting censurable activities

Whistleblowing means reporting irregular activities in the company. Both Veidekke employees and hired personnel have the right to report irregularities, but Veidekke also encourages its suppliers, partners and others to report any censurable matters.

Irregular activities are defined as violations of statutory provisions, internal rules or ethical standards. This includes matters relating to the working environment – such as bullying, harassment, discrimination, substance abuse and incidents or conduct that present a risk to life or health – dangerous products, embezzlement, corruption, theft, fraud and misappropriation of funds, etc.

Reports can be submitted anonymously, but it is important to remember that this should only be done in exceptional cases, as anonymity makes it more difficult to follow up on the reported matter.

The whistleblowing system must not be used for deliberate false accusations against individuals. All reports are treated with the strictest confidentiality.

You can report irregular activities using this form.